Once Upon a Timepiece

once upon a timepiece


When Conrad Sands returns a wristwatch to an old flame after 20 years apart, a remarkable chain of events begins.

The watch passes through the hands of a gold-digger, a journalist, an enchantress, and a professor. It touches the lives of a rogue art collector, a domestic helper, and an environmental campaigner. It influences a reverend's apprentice, a kept wife and a self-made man. All of them are strangers, yet all are intricately linked in ways that none of them see.

A deeply thought-provoking novel, Once Upon a Timepiece is told through twelve inter-connected short stories. Each story can be read on its own, with a distinct plot and a sting in its tail. But the stories also join together to form a longer narrative. Along the way, the book explores humanity's relationship with time, and the unseen threads of history that bind us together.

Once Upon a Timepiece is the debut novel from author Starr Wood, published by Bo Tree Books.

Once Upon a Timepiece

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