Once Upon a Timepiece

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Reader/reviewer: Jo Barton

From "Jaffa Reads Too"

VERDICT: "Highly recommended"

"The twelve short stories which appear in Once upon a Timepiece each represent a month of the year, which on the surface should have absolutely nothing in common, and yet as you approach the month of February, you realise that there is indeed a very clever link..."

"Each of the stories demonstrates both the very best and the very worst of society; there’s greed, corruption, lust and deceit, and even as the worst sins of society are illustrated, you start to realise that when faced with a moral dilemma, each of us, almost without thinking, reverts to a lowest common denominator, namely self-preservation..."

"Beautifully crafted and with great skill the author manipulates each of the stories with a subtle hand..."

"I'm really excited about this book. I am sure that it is one of those that will succeed by word of mouth, as once the book is finished there is an overwhelming need to pass the book onto someone else..."

Reader/reviewer: Jane hanbury


From "Booketta's Book Blog"

VERDICT: "Highly recommended" 5 stars (out of five)

"Many journalists turn their hand to writing novels but not all of them all make the transition quite so impressively.  Storytelling is an art and in this collection of short stories we really see this at its best..."

"The timepiece, an antique Breitling with a nice price tag is the centrepiece of this book.  The Brietling is given to Conrad Sands as a present and he wishes to return it to its previous owner.  In each story we learn how and where the watch travels and glimpse into the lives of the people who come into contact with the timepiece.  Each chapter/story stands alone, so the book can be picked up and put down at the reader's convenience.

"Each story is beautifully told... This is writing at its best and there was nothing that could be predicted as each story had a subtle twist at the end."

"If, like me, you haven't been big on short stories then I believe this may change your mind."

Reader/reviewer: tracy terry

From "Pen and Paper"

VERDICT: "Wonderfully captivating" Five stars (out of five)

"Though not usually a fan of the short story, every now and then a collection will capture my imagination. This is one collection that did so in a huge way... A collection of 12 short stories all of which are connected by the obtaining of an antique watch, "Once Upon A Timepiece" is a cleverly - very cleverly - constructed book that with a twist-in-the-tale to every story never fails to surprise."

"Fun, quirky and with a lesson, however subtle, to be had each time the watch comes into the hands of a new character... I hope every reader will feel the delight I did on discovering the various twists and turns of this wonderfully captivating little book."